Thrive at home: Ida Hansson

In Betonggruvan’s mini interview series we explore what makes people thrive at home.

Today we meet stylist and interior designer Ida Hansson, also known as @nordic_remake.

Ida is a maker and often shares DIY projects on her instagram. She lives with her family in a house in Umeå. Follow her and her creativity on instagram and read about her latest home project below!

Hi Ida!
What is your favourite item in your home and why is it so?

The last year we have expanded our old little house with a new hallway. The very best thing in my everyday life is therefore a site-builded wardrobe for our family of five. I love the feeling of making order and having simplicity in my everyday life! We even have a drying cabinet hidden in this wardrobe, a luxury with 3 kids that spend a lot of time playing outside in all different weathers.

How did it become yours?

It took us many hours, money and a lot of energy to make this long time dream come true, but its so much worth it. Our house is our life project, and a lot of things are still on our ”want to do list”… The best thing is to make this  together with my husband, we are a great team!

When do you feel your very best at home?

Saturday mornings with my second cup of coffee is one of  my very best moments in life. Time to calm down, relax and fill upp with new energy and creativity.

What do you want to recommend?

When you feel a bit shiftless and empty, take a silent walk in the nature and just let it fill you up with fresh air and undemanding inspiration. You never regret taking care of your health.

In my shelf: Flora Wiström

In our new blog series we step into the homes of PORTAL shelf owners.

Today we are visiting Flora Wiström in her apartment on Södermalm in Stockholm. She works as a blogger and writer and also arranges writing couses with her friend and colleague Yrsa Keysendal. That Flora works with books is hard to miss by visiting her: there are books everywhere. 

We enter the apartment and are immediately greeted by the livingroom, painted green. We’re here to talk about Flora’s shelf and books – two things that we both love.


Hi Flora!

Who lives here?

Me and my boyfriend Johan.

You have a lot of books in your shelf, tell us about how you sort them!

Maybe it has to do with my need for control, but I sort the books by which ones I have and have not read. And also by paperback and hardcover. I love to own books, as a trophy of how much I read 🙂 

Which book do you want to recommend?

Röd Självbiografi (Red autobiography) by Anne Carson. It is a very thrilling lyrical novel, an interpretation of the myth about Herakles and Geryon. Geryon is a monster that falls in love with Herakles, but Herakles is not that enthusiastic. It’s such a strong story about desire. I just read it in my book club and could not stop reading. It is a very well-written and quite peculiar book.

Hyllsystem PORTAL – FLORA – 15710 kr


What about the little drawing behind the plants?

It was a gift I got on my 24th birthday. My boyfriend Johan and I had then been dating for a few months, and since he is an architect he decided to draw me a little cabin where I could sit and write. It was so cute that I could not stop crying. It was never supposed to be built, but more of a sweet gesture to encourage my writing.



You released the book Hålla andan this year, tell us about it!

It takes place at a public swimming pool. Those places make me feel very uncomfortable, you are exposed and it is so associated with going there with school and being undressed. But there is also something nice about dressing rooms. When I had decided on the location, I involved every part of in the swimming facility in the story, from the roof and the reception to the sauna and the staff room.

The main character is a young elite swimmer that one day disappears. Her siblings are trying to understand why she went away, and it is a story about relationsships and performance. The cover of Hålla Andan is made by Sara Edström who also designed my first book Stanna. She is also the designer of the new issues of Annika Thor’s books.



Tell us about your shelf.

I used to have a smaller version before, when I lived in a 24 sqm apartment. I then had three sections of the shelf, but after I moved in here and got more space I could add one more section.

When I had just moved in, my best friend and I painted the pinewood shelves in our underwear. I love that they are all painted the same color as the wall, and that the shelf takes up an entire wall. The books and things in my shelf really get to be the main characters in the room. It is easy to move things around in the shelf to give the room a new feeling. I just read that it is good for a room when things move around from time to time. Good for the energy.

Hyllsystem PORTAL – FLORA – 15710 kr


Thank you for having us Flora!

Flora’s shelf consists of white shelf ladders and pinewood shelves painted in light green.

Buy Flora’s shelf HERE


Thrive at home: Emelie Sundberg

In Betonggruvan’s mini interview series we explore what makes people thrive at home.

Today we meet photographer, stylist and founder of Inredningspodden, Emelie Sundberg, who lives with her family in a house in Stockholm. Follow her on @emelie.sundberg for more inspiration. Happy reading!

Hi Emelie!
What is your favourite item in your home and why is it so?

Hmm, I must say our sofas in the living room. It is a boring answer because they are not really special, but we spend an incredible amount of time there. They are so comfortable, accommodate many and are great to look at. I longed for this couch for several years before we finally got it.

How did it become yours?

My husband bought them for me for Christmas. They were pretty hard to wrap and put under the Christmas tree though, haha

When do you feel your very best at home?

Definitely when our home is freshly cleaned. I really don’t feel good when it is messy at home which is quite often because we are four messy people living here. But the feeling of a newly cleaned home beats everything! In the summer it will be late evenings on the terrace and in the winter we cozy up in front of the fireplace. And of course, I love having friends and family over!

What do you want to recommend?

Besides listening to my podcast Inredningspodden? Decorating your home is a never ending project an there is no need to hurry. Let it take time – and I mean TIME! It is SO boring to be done!

Don’t forget to listen to Emelie’s Inredningspodden. You’l find the interview with Betonggruvan’s Josefine Halfwordson here.

Thrive at home: Kristin Lagerqvist

In Betonggruvan’s mini interview series we explore what makes people thrive at home.

Interior blogger, shop owner and inspiring person Kristin Lagerqvist @krickelin, is next up! Kristin is based in Varberg where she works and runs the fashion store FGL. 

Hi Kristin!
What is your favourite item in your home and why is it so?

I love our dining room table. Not because it’s a fancy stylish one though – I just love how useful it is. For all our meals, long and short ones – playing cards with the kids, to do creative stuff like paintings or Cheramics, my bookkeeping and so on…

How did it become yours?

We ordered it from a Swedish webshop but I guess we could have build the same at home, two concrete boards and a simple steel construction. I like how the surface gets more and more beautiful the more we spill wine and juice on it.

When do you feel your very best at home?

It’s when we’re together – a dance with my son in the kitchen, deep conversations with my husband over a cup of tea, in the bathtub… Alone with a book…

What do you want to recommend?

I want to recommend watching documentaries and going to music concerts. To celebrate the little things in every day life. We have this nice little tradition and that is that almost every Friday we buy oysters and sparkling wine – celebrating the weekend and some time off.

In my shelf: Katarina Matsson

In our new blog series we take a step into the homes of Portal shelf owners.

Today we are visiting Katarina Matsson, who works with content at Elle Magazine, but now is on parental leave with baby Hilma. When we approach Katarina’s townhouse we are struck by the cosiness of the area. Katarina invites us into the 2 floor house for a fika and a chat.

Hi Katarina!

Who lives here?

Me and my family. We’re Katarina, Jakub, Milo, 4 years and Hilma, 9 months.

What made you move to this cute neighbourhood?

One of my oldest friends moved here, and her son is my godson. We really love the neighbourhood, with the houses built in the late 40’s and the surroundings drawn by Walter Bauer. It’s the world’s lovliest place. The neighbours have so many nice traditions that go way back to the 50’s, like for Lucia when the kids walk the Luciatåg with torches and a horse. Many of our neighbours are in the same stage of life as we are, the kids play together and I have a book club here. We are definately staying.

You spent one month in New York just now, tell us!

Me and Jacob lived in New York from 2010-2013/14, and felt that it would be really nice to connect our life now, with kids and all, to that time. We rented a friend’s apartment and it was lovely! Well, of course we fought here as well, but everyone slept well and it was such a good break from life at home. At home there is always some things that needs to be fixed, but during this trip we had the chance to just disconnect from those things. One thing, though, is it very expensive since the dollar is so high. Milo and I had a 55 dollar lunch just the two of us one day.

Going to New York is really what you dream of doing during your parental leave but can’t get together. What can you recommend?

It is really nice to travel there with kids. Well, there are no elevators in the subway, so you’ll have to have a baby sling and walk a lot. But going to museums with kids are very nice, we went to Museum of Natural History to see the dinosaurs, but Milo was more interested in the space stones that killed them. Also The New Museum was really nice, showing video art that the whole family could enjoy, and with a nice workshop for kids.

We know ALL of New York’s playgrounds by now. The best ones are the one next to Metropolitan Museum of Art in Central Park called Ancient Playground, and one in Williamsburg that I think is called Domino Playground.

We spent some time hanging out in East Village’s Community gardens, watching turtles and playing borkarövare. In general, it’s just so enjoyable to hang out in New York, there are always things happening in the streets – someone playing music or a nice window to look into. My best tip is to just stroll around, there are pizza slices everywhere.

What do you like about the Portal shelf?

We are book horders in a sick way, and always used to have storage problems. I love the fact that the Portal shelf is so nice and neat. It fits really well in our 50’s house.

Also, it can be filled with a lot of books, at some places we have books in double lines but the shelf still looks clean. It is nice to be able to put shelves on different levels, and they are really easy to mount.   We have one low Portal shelf on the ground floor and a higher one on the first floor. Both shelves are off white with pinewood shelves, a nice way to connect the two levels with each other. The same system but constructed differently.  

I easily get very attached to books, and things in general. We have a problem in our family: I love the stones from Denmark (where we went for vacation) and my fleamarket finds and all my stuff. My husband is not that interested in things but has a hard time getting rid of them. That is such a bad combo. Our ambition is to only have things in our home that sparks joy. But there is so much that sparks joy!


The high shelf is in the bedroom is mainly used for books, but also consists of a small shelf with a collection of perfumes, and some shoes. Don’t hide your nicest stuff away, put it on the shelf for things that sparks joy!


For the low shelf Katarina has chosen 101 cm off-white ladders and pinewood shelves. Her shelf consists of five ladders, six 123 cm pinewood shelves and three shelf extenders.

Buy Katarina’s low shelf HERE! Just send us an email if you want to change anything or customize this shelf. We will happily send you a sketch.

For the high shelf Katarina has chosen off-white 237 cm ladders and pinewood shelves.

Buy Katarina’s high shelf HERE! Just send us an email if you want to change anything or customize this shelf. We will happily send you a sketch.

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