Thrive at home: Elin Jensdotter Hont

In Betonggruvan’s mini interview series we explore what makes people thrive at home.

Today we talk to vintage shop owner and stylist Elin Jensdotter Hont. Elin who just turned 40 (Hurray!) lives with her husband Patrik and Bruno the dog in a rental apartment on Kungsholmen, Stockholm and in a little cottage in the woods in Västergötland. Her instagram @longingforlennon is filled with sustainable interior. She and Patrik also runs the concept store @swedish.nature.collaborations that combines vintage, craft, design and art under the same roof.

What is your favourite item in your home and why is it so?
My favorite is our couch. It’s a 1970s pinewood sofa with really dirty white canvas cushions. I love the design, the fact that it’s huge and can also serve as a bed for night guests. And that we can tell our guests that damage is all ready done so feel free… haha…
How did it become yours?
A woman who have had it on her porch sold it to us via Blocket. She had two of them and I regret that we didn’t buy both…I’ve been trying to find her phone number whiteout any luck… We had to hire three men to help us get it into our apartment, it’s so very heavy!
Some day we will have a upholsterer give it some new, clean clothes.
When do you feel your very best at home?
I just love having family and friends over, having dinner, drinks and night long talks. I feel especially happy when I can tell that they are comfortable, when they feel free to go take a nap, get something to drink and or bring a friend without asking first. That makes my heart jump!
What do you want to recommend?
I really recommend everyone to go out and hug a tree. For real. Spend some time and nature, it releases stress and give your immune-system a boost.
And also, spend more time talking positively about things and other people. (Try a day without talking negatively about situations or people at all) Both are real life hacks in feeling better in general.
Photo: Mari Strenghielm

In my shelf: Linnea Paulsson Neppelberg

In our new blog series we take a step into the homes of Portal shelf owners.

Today we are visiting our art director Linnea, who lives on the third floor in a Funkis apartment in Midommarkransen. Linnea welcomes us with baby Helle, 7 months, on her arm. The 2 room apartment is not so spacious but is feels much bigger thanks to the light you get this high up with contact with the trees outside the windows.

We visit on a Monday. This Sunday she went to Ulriksdal’s garden flower self-pick so the apartment is filled with flowers. –I have a principle. When summer is over but there’s still flowers outside I pick at least one bouquet per week. It makes me feel so much less affected by the change of seasons. We grab the cakes on the table and start talking about the home and their Portal shelf, placed on a whole wall in the livingroom. It is a combination of high and low shelf ladders and shelves all in pinewood. –We thought about painting it all in the wall color (Skimming Stone from Farrow and Ball) but then Helle came and now I kind of like that the pinewood has darkened. Maybe we’ll paint it some time, but I think that will be in our next apartment. I like that the off-white shelf ladders go really well with our wall color. We used to have a String shelf but got tired of it and sold it on Blocket when we hade some other re-arranging things going before Helle came.

Shelving system PORTAL LINNEA €1,719


Who lives here?

We’re a family of four. Me, Erik, 33, Bo, 3 and Helle, 7 months. We moved here 3 years ago when I was very pregnant with Bo.

You have so much nice ceramic pieces, where do you find it?

I thrift some at flea markets and some in Gustavsberg when the craftmen open their studios twice a year. It is such a nice trip to go there, have a fika and stroll around too look at their work. Some of my favourite things are also found on trips to Japan. It is the mix that makes it, isn’t it?

What do you like about the Portal shelf?

Mostly I like that it is so easy to customize and build up to fit your wall. And it is actually really nice that the space between the ladders are high, so that it doesn’t get so crowded if you know what I mean. I work with–and collect–magazines and they are often quite high which is perfect. Maybe our shelf is a bit hard to combine with kids climbing and picking stuff out, but I mean you will just have to move things around for some years…
I didn’t want a TV since it is the ugliest interior piece I know. But Erik works with television so we had to compromize and got a 32′, the smallest we could find. It fits perfect in the 80 cm shelf. We put it so that it is easy for Bo to get all the pillows in the apartment and make a cosy corner in front of it.




Shelving system PORTAL LINNEA €1,719

Linnea has chosen off-white ladders and pinewood shelves. If you have a lot of different or small things it can be a good idea to have the same material on the shelves all through, it gives a clean impression.


Buy Linnea’s shelf HERE! Just send us an email if you want to change anything or customize this shelf. We will happily send you a sketch.



Barbro Segerfelt

In our new blog series we take a step into the homes of Portal shelf owners.

Today we visit Barbro Segerfelt, more known as Babbe. She’s also my grandmother. She’s 94 years old and lives in a beautiful apartment in Nacka, close to her daughter and grandchildren.


When she invites us in, the first thing that hits our eyes is a buffet of cakes that have been prepared for our visit. She’s dressed in a light blue color from head to toe, witch perfectly matches the interior in her apartment.

In Babbe’s bedroom she has a Portal shelf from Betonggruvan, she tells us that she’s happy to incorporate something new in her old home. She chose the white shelves and shelf ladders because she wanted something light.


What’s your favorite thing in your shelf? 

The sculpture of the girl sewing. It’s from my childhood home and has been with me since 1925.

And the photography picturing my husband from 1946 is also very important to me. We met at a wedding, I was bridesmaid and he where best man, I basically proposed to him that night. The next day he came to my parents house where I lived and rang the door bell and the rest is history.

The big painting is a portrait of Babbe’s grandmother. She were born in 1868 and died at her 90th birthday after celebrating for two days with her family.

What kind of books do you have in your shelf? 

My favourite books are my cookbooks. It’s important that I can reach them easily, because they are the ones I use the most. I really like Hiram, I have all her books and I have used them so much that they are almost falling apart.

I also have a lot of books about children psychology, since they were a part of my profession as a preschool teacher. But mostly I read biographies, like one about Astrid Lindgren.

We talk about how the use of bookshelves has changed from when she grow up. Then people didn’t fill their shelving systems with anything but books. Babbe remembers her childhood home where the walls where papered with books. Today shelves look different because people read more online and don’t buy as many books as they used to.

What do you like about the Portal shelf?

I like that your able to adjust the shelving system after what you like to have in it, not as a traditional bookshelf.


Thank you Babbe for having us!

Babbe has chosen white ladders and white shelves, a really nice clean shelf when having things with a history in it. A really good idea when having more than books in your shelf is to group the items. Gather the books on one side of the shelf and let there be space for smaller items on the other side. It gives the shelf a lighter impression. We also love the crimped lampshade that gives a soft cosy feeling to the room.

Buy Babbe’s shelf HERE!


Thrive at home: Malin Olsson

In Betonggruvan’s mini interview series we explore what makes people thrive at home. Today we met Malin Olsson, who’s the brain behind the funnits Instagram account we know – @mal-insta. We love to follow her and her familys life in their beautiful apartment in Allingsås. Now let’s her all about her daughter Doris ”hinderbanor” and what a friendship-urn actually is.

What is your favourite item in your home and why is it so?
My favourite thing in my home is my family <3.
Naaah, just kidding!
Except from my incredible shelf system from Betonggruvan *wink wink* I also looove my Gervasoni Ghost sofa that is a limited Artilleriet edition. It has the perfect depth and no ugly divan thing sticking out.
Another thing I love is my friendship-urn. Yes is true, I have one of those. When me and my former colleague the photografer Fanny Hansson worked at Artilleriet we often went to a flea market close to Artilleriets storage that was pretty unexposed for hipsters and other disturbing elements. There I found this wonderful clay urn and I saw directly in Fannys deep brown eyes that she also liked it, at the same second I found another one and I was like (because I’m so nobel) ”You can have them both” And she answered ” We have one of them each” and from that point we became connected forever. This may be the ugliest thing in her home (because she has better taste then me) but I choose to think that it is her favorite thing to.
When do you feel your very best at home?
When Doris, our daughter, built different ”hinderbanor” cribs and obstacles all over the house and Im like going to the bathroom but first have to climb different chairs and jump on pillows. Because of the crocodiles that lives on the floor. Sorry Ocean. We are not aloud to remove it. She owns us. *Call for help*
What do you want to recommend?
Let your man do all the work at home and share the burden that women through all times has carried. Eat the cheese doodles from yesterday, lay down on your expensive couch and look att ”Gift vid första ögonkastet” and just enjoy your well deserved time in your perfect styled home!

Thrive at home: Emma Persson Lagerberg

In Betonggruvan’s mini interview series we explore what makes people thrive at home. Today we met Emma Persson Lagerberg who’s a interior stylist from Malmö, she’s also co-founder of the publishing house Puss Publications and stylist and editor for the book Home. We love her work ( and her smiley filled Instagram (@emmaperssonlagerberg). With Emma involved styling never gets flat or boring. Now let’s her all about her favourite print and sunday dinners in her amazing kitchen!

What is your favourite item in your home and why is it so?

I don’t feel super attached to any single object in our home, it’s more about the combination of things and the general atmosphere. But maybe the few photo albums I have from when I was a kid or the the weird clay objects my sons made in school. I’m also very fond of some of the art I inherited from my father when he died ten years ago. And I love the Daniel Riera print of Andrea Wilshusen skating. It’s from at fashion reportage in The Gentlewoman, one of few fashion jobs that blew my mind a bit when it was published.

How did it become yours?

It was a gift from my husband for my 40th birthday. I took him a while to track it down and then convince the photographer to sell him the print…

When do you feel your very best at home?

On a friday night in the sofa with the rest of the family scattered around the room. Or at the kitchen table for sunday dinner with my family, my grandmother and my chosen family.

What do you want to recommend?

To take saunas and skinny dips in the ocean as often as possible.