Betonggruvan’s shelving system Portal as livingroom shelf

The Portal shelving system is multifunctional and fits all kinds of rooms. But — some shelf combinations fit better than other.

The livingroom shelf can be built up in many different ways, maybe you need space for a TV, some plants and some art in your shelf.


Popular shelving systems for livingrooms

Shelving system LINNEA From €1103
Shelving system LOTTA From €1376
Shelving system FLORA From €1428
Shelving system FREJA From €1059
Shelving system CHRISTER From €586
Shelving system ELIN €535
Shelving system TOTTE From €289
Shelving system LOVE €677

Above you find a few shelf combinations suited for the bedroom. See all our most popular combinations HERE. You can also buy parts to create your own shelf.
SEND US AN EMAIL if you have questions. We’ll help you plan your shelving system.

More products for your livingroom

Small Plateau pinewood shelf 795 kr
Plateau pinewood shelf 1295 kr
Ovan mirror PILL from 495 kr
Bookend PAUS 295 kr