Betonggruvan’s shelving system is based on shelf ladders and shelves that you combine as you like. So flexible!
Start by meassuring your wall and decide how wide you want your shelf to be.


1. Choose the heights of your shelf ladders

THE SHELF LADDERS are 67 cm, 101 cm, 237 cm or 271 cm and come in white, off-white and grey.
You can combine them as you like.
You place the ladders with a distance of 45 cm or 80 cm (outer dimensions) to fit our shelves.

Shelf ladder 67 cm €99
Shelf ladder 101 cm €110
Shelf ladder 237 cm €198
Shelf ladder 271 cm €220
TV Shelf ladder 67 cm €110

3: Choose material and the length of your shelves (45, 80, 123, 158 and 201 cm)

THE SHELVES can easily be combined. Colors, lengths and materials. The height between the shelves is always 32 cm.

Our shelves are:
45 cm och 80 cm (för två gavlar),  123 cm och 158 cm (för tre gavlar) samt 201 cm  (för fyra gavlar)

Om du vill ha en bredare hylla än 201 cm kan du koppla samman flera hyllplan med vår hyllplansförlängare.

Shelf off-white from €33
Shelf grey from €33
Shelf white from €33
Shelf red from €33
Shelf pinewood from €27
Shelf glass from €55
Shelf melamine from €8
Shelf metal w. holes €44
Desk shelf from €83
Shelf extender €13

4: Choose cabinets, drawers or if you like accessories.

in lacquered MDF and pinewood. The lacquered shelves come in white, off-white, red and grey. They fit the PORTAL shelving system, but can also be mounted on the wall.

Drawer cabinet large €275
Cabinet large €220
Drawer cabinet small €220
Cabinet pinewood from €275

as extra legs to make your shelf 10-20 cm higher, a shelf extender to make a wider shelf that 201 cm or free shelf ladder samples.

Shelf extender €13
Bookend €33
Extra leg €33
Free shelf ladder samples

You can also buy our MOST POPULAR SHELF COMBINATIONS. We’ve collected  packages of our most wanted shelf ladders and shelves.

Shelving system ELIN €648
Shelving system LINNEA from €1,335
Shelving system SWANTJE €542
Shelving system FLORA from €1,729