Betonggruvan’s shelving system Portal in the kids’ room

The Portal shelving system is multifunctional and fits all kinds of rooms. But — some shelf combinations fit better than other.

The kids’ shelf doesn’t only have to fit books. You may need storage for both books and toys, and maybe also closed storage for smaller things.

A desk for homework can be useful for the bigger kid and a cabinet to hide things and build small worlds in, for a smaller kid.


You can combine the shelf just as you like, but if you need some guidance look below where we’ve gathered some recommended combinations.

Popular shelves for the kids' room

Shelving system DESIRÉE - €700 – €1,018
Shelving system – SUSANNE €690
Shelving system – LEO €542 – €1,013
Shelving system CAROLINE (coming)

Above you find a few shelf combinations suited for the bedroom. See all our most popular combinations HERE. You can also buy parts to create your own shelf.

SEND US AN EMAIL if you have questions. We’ll help you plan your shelving system.

More products for the kids' room

Drawer cabinet large €275
Bookend PAUS €33
Cabinet pinewood €385