Mount your shelving system

Good to know:

We recommend that you don’t have more than 80 centimeters between the ladders.

If you are using our shelf extender, the shelves will protrude 1 cm on each side of the shelf ladders.


How to mount:

Unpack the shelves. Turn the ladder so that the part with one leg is turned downward.

Mount the first ladder to the wall. Use a spirit level.

Lean the second ladder against the wall.
Put one shelf on the highest step of the ladders and one on the lowerst one,
use the fastnerers that comes with the shelves.
Use the spirit level again to make sure you put it is straight.

Mark the holes of the ladder on the wall. Take down the loose parts and drill.
Repeat until all ladders are mounted. Put the shelves on the ladders.


Move in to the shelving system and put your nicest things there.
Send a pic to or put it on instagram using #betonggruvan.

Pat yourself on the shoulder, you’re done! Now: time for coffee and cake.