About Betonggruvan

Betonggruvan designs and produces furniture and items for comfy homes. You can buy our furniture here in the webshop, in our store at Roslagsgatan 25 in Stockholm or from one of our resellers.

Betonggruvan’s family of furniture contains among other, tables and a shelving system. When I design I try to design with multi function in mind. Every home has different needs and when life changes new use for the furniture can be created.

Betonggruvan was started by me Josefine Halfwordson 2011. Then I had resigned from work and designed and produced a concrete table to myself. I tested an ad on Blocket. Many replied and I produced more.

But why is it called Betonggruvan (the concrete mine)? Well, when I started 2011, I rented the basement of the house in which I lived, in Vasastan. When the customers called me I went up with the lift and picked them up. I was always joking about the fact that we were going down the mine. The concrete mine.

Where to find us

You find our showroom on Roslagsgatan 25 in Vasastan in Stockholm. The nearest subway station is Odenplan (green line) or Tekniska Högskolan (red line). Buses stop at the Roslagsgatan station on Odengatan