Plan your shelving system

We have put together a guide to help you out with planning your shelving.

You can also use our GRID – drawing help.

Measure your wall and decide on the width of your shelving system.
To fit Betonggruvan’s shelves it should be either 45 or 80 cm between the shelf ladders.

Choose which height you want for the shelving system.
67 cm – 101 cm – 237 cm or 271 cm
in white, beige or dark grey.

Choose which shelves you want.
White melamine – glass – metal or pinewood

The shelves come in the following widths:
45 cm (Two shelf ladders within a distance of 45 cm)
80 cm (Two shelf ladders within a distance of 80 cm)
123 cm (Three shelf ladders within a distance of 45+80 cm)
158 cm (Three shelf ladders within a distance of 80+80 cm)

If you want a wider system you can buy our shelf extender to connect two shelves.
Please note that each shelf connected to the shelf extender will protrude 1 cm on each side of the shelving system.

Read more about the shelf extender here.



Maybe you want accessories. For the shelves with holes you can buy hooks, candle holders and pipes for cuttings. These also fits Betonggruvan’s picture rail.

Put together your shelving system.

Here you find inspiration when planning. We have put together six complete
shelving systems if you are having a hard time choosing.

Klick here to download our grid to use as help when planning your shelving system.
Then grab a cookie and a cup of coffee and draw.

färdiga hyllsystem

Place an order!

When you have received the parcel:
Screw the ladders to the wall. Use non countersunk screw and pin suitable for your wall.
Fasteners that attach the shelves to the shelf ladders are included.