Egg-oil tempera - Asphalt
Egg-oil tempera - Asphalt
Egg-oil tempera - Spinach
Egg-oil tempera - Rosa Parks

Egg-oil tempera – Spinach


Egg-oil tempera is fantastic to paint with. I gives a opaque surface with life. It is completely biodegradble and leaves no harmfull residues.

We order your color direct when receiving your order, and it is beeing made directly. No one wants to paint with old egg-oil temperera, it smells like rotten eggs. If you keep it in a cool place it you can use it for two months. With 1 litre you can paint 10-15 square meters.

You can use the egg-oil tempera for our table tops and shelves but also for walls.



Apply the color with brush or roller. Remember to put on a lot of color. The color behaves differently depending on the pigment and temperature. For best result the color should be flowing as gruel. If it is to thick, dilute it with emulsion.

The drying time varies depending on the temperature, humidity and the pigments used. Normally, the second painting can be done after a day. The color is sensitive to bumps for the first two months. If you paint a table top or other surface that you use a lot, it is possible to put a layer of Osmos Hardwax oil on top. The surface then becomes incredibly durable.

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3 deciliter, 1 liter, 2,5 liter