Shelf ladder 237 cm – Betonggruvan

198 inkl. moms

Our most popular shelf ladder to make a high shelving system.

The shelf ladders are made of powder coated steel. They are 271, 237, 101 or 67 cm high. All of the hights can be combined with one another. They are 35 cm deep and the dimension between the shelves are 32 cm.

Use non countersunk screw and pin suitable for your wall. The ladders don’t have any inner leg to not collide with the skirting.

It is the lenght of the shelf that determines the width of the shelving system.

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  • Dimensions – 237 x 35 x 2 cm
  • Material – Powder coated steel
  • Produced in – Europe
  • Design – Josefine Halfwordson / Betonggruvan