Shelf – pinewood

2771 inkl. moms

The shelves come in four different lenghts. We recommend that you don´t have more that 80 cm between the ladders.

The shelves that are 45 and 80 cm are suited for two ladders, while the ones that are 123 and 158 cm are suited for three ladders. If you want a shelf that is longer than 158 cm you can buy or shelf extender. Please note that the shelf will protrude from the shelf ladder with 1 cm on each side when using a shelf extender.

The shelves and the shelf ladders have predrilled holes where you put fasteners to attach the shelf to the ladder.


The pinewood shelves is untreated so you can choose the surface treatment that suits you best. Perhaps you want to paint them, treat them with white caps to get a little brighter shade or maybe you like them completely untreated. One thing that may be good to keep in mind is that untreated pinewood darkens in the sun.

  • Dimensions – 45, 80, 123 or 158 x 30,7 x 2 cm
  • Material – Pinewood
  • Produced in – Sweden
  • Design – Josefine Halfwordson / Betonggruvan