Box – Pinewood

198 inkl. moms

We are launching a box for the Portal shelving system. The box is produced of raw pinewood from Norrland. It is 41 cm wide which fits perfect on a 45 cm shelf, and 32 cm high which fits between two steps in the ladders. It should rest on a shelf. You can leave the box beautifully raw or paint is just as you like.


The box has no top. It is perfect for gloves and hats in the hallway, secrets you want to hide or your rolled-up posters. Of course you can use the box also can stand alone.

The pinewood box is delivered raw so re delivered raw, so you can choose to paint it (Choose from our collection of egg-oil tempera or our Osmo Oil Wax) or leave it beautifully raw. One thing that may be good to keep in mind is that untreated pinewood darkens in the sun. The box is delivered un-mounted. Mounting instruction is included.