Wall ledge

55 inkl. moms

Betonggruvan’s wall ledge works as a toilet shelf, a shelf for cook-books, a clothing rack and as a candle holder. In the nine holes you can attach our hook, candle holder or pipes for cuttings.


  • Dimensions – 65 cm or 145 cm wide, 8 cm high och 6 cm deep
  • Material – Powder coated steel
  • Made in – Sweden
  • Design – Josefine Halfwordson / Betonggruvan



You hang the accessories; the candle holder, the hook or the cuttings pipe, onto the wall ledge from the top and move it around as you like. You can also use the wall ledge just as it is. You can put two or more along side of each other. It comes in two lengths – 145 cm and 65 cm.


On the back of the wall ledge you’ll find two milled cuts to cover the screws. You put up two countersinked screws on the wall (with a distance of 55 or 135 cm between) to hang the wall ledge on.