We’ll help you plan your shelf!

Here in Betonggruvan we have a long experience of planning and furnishing homes. Sometimes all you need is someone from the outside looking in to your needs and wants for your home. PORTAL shelving system  is flexibel and can look very different from home to home. It can be a good idea to let us help you customize your shelf to make it fit perfect in your home.


To help you the best way we can we’ve designed A SHELF FORM where you insert the width, height and material you want for your shelf. You can alsp upload a photo of your wall. As soon as we can we’ll send you a sketch of a perfect shelf for you, including a cart where you can add and remove products or buy the shelf as it is. 

We also offer shelf consultation! Through video call from your home or IRL in our showroom. Read more about it below.

Schedule a free creative meeting with us in Betonggruvan’s Stockholm showroom!

We talk about shelf color, material, width and hight suitable for your apartment or house, and sort out any possible questions about mounting or anything else.

How does it work in practise?
We’ll meet in Betonggruvan’s showroom and sit down for 30 minutes. You bring a photo of the room/wall and together we’ll discuss and sketch to find the best shelf for you.

You get a sketch of the perfect shelf with you, maybe you are ready to place an order and hopefully you are filled with inspiration.

To get the most out of our meeting, here’s a small list with things that you can prepare:

  • A picture of the wall/room
  • If you have a plan of the room it is even better.
  • Which functions do you want for the shelf? A music shelf, a tv-shelf or a combination? It can be whatever you want to.
  • Do you already have thoughts about color and material? Write it down.
  • Are you thinking about buying other furniture and want to match it with your shelf? Bring a photo and we can include it in our talk.

Schedule a meeting by sending us an email on Mark the mail shelf consultation.

We will get back to you with suggestions on when to meet.