Betonggruvan’s shelving system Portal as TV shelf

If you want to fit your TV into your shelving system there are different ways to go.

A 32´TV fits perfect on a 80 cm shelf. See shelf combination LINNEA below. (Always meassure your TV to make sure it fits) If your TV is larger but you still want it to stand on a shelf, we recommend the TV shelf ladder. It is 67 cm high but lacks the parts in the front that can hide the screen. (See shelving system LOTTA and TOMAS below)

If you have a screen larger than 32´ you can of course mount in on your wall. The 67 cm shelf ladders is a good choice underneath your TV. See shelf combination ELIN below. There are space for some books and you can add a cabinet to hide your cords.


Popular TV-shelves

Shelving system ELIN € 535
Shelving system LOTTA From € 1376
Shelving system LINNEA From € 1103
Shelving system TOMAS From € 517

Above you find some combinations suited for your TV. See all our most popular combinations here. You can also buy parts to build your own combination.

SEND US AN EMAIL if you have any questions. Weäd be happy to help you plan your shelving.

Below you’ll find some products that can be added to your TV shelf. The extra leg can be used if you have high skirting boards. They come in hights of 10 cm or 20 cm.

Products for your TV shelf

TV-ladder 67 cm - 995 kr
Large cabinet - 2495 kr
Extra leg - 295 kr