Treatments for your pine wood shelves

We sell both table tops and shelves in un-treated pinewood, so that you can choose just how you want to treat them.

We have made a collection of egg-oil tempera in six colours. Egg-oil tempera is a matt and opaque colour made of egg, linseed-oil, emulsion and natural pigments. It is completely biodegradble and leaves no harmfull residues.

If you want a transparent effect you can choose to pigment the pinewood with Osmo’s Wax and Hard wax oil. We have chosen three different pigments – White, Bark and Silverpoppel – and a non-pigmented hard wax oil.

Remember that colours can differ from screen to screen. Stop by Betonggruvan if you want to take a look at the pigments and colours.



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Pinewood from Norrland

We work with slow growing pinewood from a carpentry located between Sturuman and Arvidsjaur.

Pine from Norrland grows slowly under hard weather conditions which makes the pinewood heavy and compact. This makes the pinewood excellent as furniture material. And of course our pinewood has a FCS-mark.

Real wood is the best choise you can make for the environment and future generations as Swedish wood binds carbon dioxide.

We sell our pine wood shelves completely un-treated so that you can choose just how you want to treat them. Please note that un-treated pine wood gets darker with time.