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Frequently asked questions about the shelving system

Here you can find our most frequently asked questions about the shelving system.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help planning your shelving system. We are happy to help you out!



Can the shelf stand alone in the room?

No, it has to be mounted to a wall.

How high is it from the floor to the first step? 

20 centimeters

How deep are the shelves?

Our shelves are 30,7 cm deep

How high is it between the steps in the ladders?

32 centimeters, perfect for both binders and vinyls.

How much can the shelf hold?

If you have maximum 80 cm between the shelf ladders the shelves can hold 50 kilos.

Can I have the shelf in the bathroom?

You can have it in the bathroom but not in direct contact with water, becauce of the risk of rust.

I already have a PORTAL shelf, but want to enlarge it. Is it possible?

Yes of course, we’d love to help you modify it! Think of the shelf like you think of lego.

My roof hight is lower than 237 cm, but I want a high shelf, is is possible?

Yes it is possible. The shelf ladders are quite easy to cut using a metal saw, to get the exact hight you want. We have cutted shelf ladders here in the showroom when they’ve collided with a socket, and it works fine. You might need new top fittings, just let us know and we’ll provide it to you.