PORTAL shelf – the story

Ok here we go!

The story about the PORTAL shelf all started in the old shop, Betonggruvan’s first one at Sveavägen in Stockholm. Then I was buying and selling products from around the world – and really needed a shelf for the walls. So, I drew and produced the first one. It was perfecly made for that wall. Super high to fit all products. And had a simple, yet elegant vibe. It needed to be diskret to not compete with the things I sold.

I completely failed on making a discrete shelf. But succeed on designing a new product. Every second person who came in to the shop asked about the shelf and wanted to buy it. A long journey of product development started. The store shelf needed to be fitted for production. It needed to have the best fittings, packaging and colorways, not just white. It needed to be solid and strong. Rome wasn’t built in a day and also this took it’s time.

Since the whole idea of Betonggruvan’s furniture is about multifunction I decided to sell the parts separate, so that you really can find out a version of the shelf that’s perfect for your wall. Roof hights, wall widths and skirtings differ from home to home. The shelf needed to come in different hights, and the leg closest to the wall needed to be taken away so that it doesn’t collide with the skirtings.

There is not one shelf that works for everyone. But there is one system – PORTAL.



The best things with designing and selling multifunctional furniture is to see how you set it up and use it at home. There are so many different versions of the PORTAL shelf, and I love it. Meeting all of you and getting your emails also makes the product development more fun and better. Often you give us feedback about what’s the next things for the shelf and how to develop it. The PORTAL is everything from vinylshelf to desk to hallway furniture to kitchen shelf and corner shelf in a livingroom.

Keep on talking with us about your needs, sending us emails and showing your homes before and after PORTAL moved in!

More features for the shelf will be out in not so long time. Keep your eyes on instagram!



The PORTAL shelf

Multifunctional shelving system consisting of Shelf ladders and shelves that you combine as you like.

Shelf ladders: 67 cm, 101 cm, 237 cm, 271 cm
Shelves: 45 cm, 80 cm, 123 cm, 158 cm

We have put together 6 PORTAL packages of the most wanted combinations if you have a hard time choosing.

Shelf extenders can be attached between two shelves, in order to make the shelf wider than 158 cm.

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