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Thrive at home: Christoffer Broman

In Betonggruvan’s interview series we explore what makes people thrive at home.

Today it is time for star florist Christoffer Broman, aka @christoffersblommor. Christoffer runs two incredible flower shops in Stockholm. So hard to stop yourself from buying everything in there, it is really a must when visiting Stockholm.


What is your favourite item in your home and why is it so?

Our home is a mix of memories from travels and bargains from flea markets. We’ve tried to keep it minimalistic but it’s not our thing. I have books that I never read but they look so good to my wall color and the camera hanging in the entrance doesn’t work. But only I know.

At the moment i really like my vases. I have been buying, getting and finding them. It’s so many memories and they’re also very useful when you work in a flower shop and bring home tons of flowers every second day.

When do you feel your very best at home?

It’s probably like today:

My Wifi works ok
Fresh linnen in bed
Windy outside
Music on
Friends are soon here for drinks and dinner

I love big dinners and hanging out. Not so serious, just casual late planned get togethers.

What do you want to recommend?

Don’t stress
Home is a never-ending project
Have a good base and then add things when you find THAT thing

And my best tip:
Flowers, both plants and cuts




Portrait photo by Arseni Khamzin

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