Thrive at home: Malin Olsson

In Betonggruvan’s mini interview series we explore what makes people thrive at home. Today we met Malin Olsson, who’s the brain behind the funnits Instagram account we know – @mal-insta. We love to follow her and her familys life in their beautiful apartment in Allingsås. Now let’s her all about her daughter Doris ”hinderbanor” and what a friendship-urn actually is.

What is your favourite item in your home and why is it so?
My favourite thing in my home is my family <3.
Naaah, just kidding!
Except from my incredible shelf system from Betonggruvan *wink wink* I also looove my Gervasoni Ghost sofa that is a limited Artilleriet edition. It has the perfect depth and no ugly divan thing sticking out.
Another thing I love is my friendship-urn. Yes is true, I have one of those. When me and my former colleague the photografer Fanny Hansson worked at Artilleriet we often went to a flea market close to Artilleriets storage that was pretty unexposed for hipsters and other disturbing elements. There I found this wonderful clay urn and I saw directly in Fannys deep brown eyes that she also liked it, at the same second I found another one and I was like (because I’m so nobel) ”You can have them both” And she answered ” We have one of them each” and from that point we became connected forever. This may be the ugliest thing in her home (because she has better taste then me) but I choose to think that it is her favorite thing to.
When do you feel your very best at home?
When Doris, our daughter, built different ”hinderbanor” cribs and obstacles all over the house and Im like going to the bathroom but first have to climb different chairs and jump on pillows. Because of the crocodiles that lives on the floor. Sorry Ocean. We are not aloud to remove it. She owns us. *Call for help*
What do you want to recommend?
Let your man do all the work at home and share the burden that women through all times has carried. Eat the cheese doodles from yesterday, lay down on your expensive couch and look att ”Gift vid första ögonkastet” and just enjoy your well deserved time in your perfect styled home!