Thrive at home: Marta Vargas

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In Betonggruvan’s interview series we explore what makes people thrive at home.

Today it is time to take a chat with Marta Vargas – graphic designer, photographer and art director. Originally from Barcelona she now lives in Stockholm, in a light and calm apartment with her boyfriend and an avokado tree. Read her story about the tree and her philosophy below. Happy reading!



What is your favourite item in your home and why is it so?

My favorite item is probably my avocado plant. I always say that if my house caught fire my avocado plant would be the first thing I would try to save. I remember putting an avocado seed in water when I moved to Sweden, five years ago. It took several months to start growing roots, I actually thought it wasn’t going to happen, but I kept it on my windowsill anyway. When I broke up with my boyfriend at the time, I went to Copenhagen on my own and spent few days there to go through it all. When I came back, I was surprised to find that the seed had started growing leaves while I was away. I understood it as a beautiful sign, and since then, we have been growing together. I have had many avocado plants, but none has grown so big and beautiful as this one. 

When do you feel your very best at home?

I love the light at our place. I feel the very best when I can enjoy the light shades of the trees reflecting on the walls, when everything is clean and tidy and Graeme and I potter around doing our own thing. Slow moments at home are my absolute favorite.

What do you want to recommend?

I recommend to not get attached to things. In the end, they are just that: things. To not bring items to your home that do not bring you absolute joy. To embrace imperfection, and to not get upset or annoyed when your favorite item breaks or gets worn out. I once read this fragment in a book, and it has changed my perception around items I love: ”To me, this cup is already broken. Because I know this, I can drink from it and appreciate it fully. And when it falls off the table, I understand. It’s the way things are.”